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Ok, so as I described, this post will always be on top.

Now then, on top there are three links.  The one to the right is my Piczo... have fun and take a look.

The second one, I don't even use.

The third one is for all of my movies that I talk of...

Take a look, I have a nice collection.

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It be wonderful.

Procrastinators and Such

So I have discovered that I writing 2000 words for a fiction novel is easier than writing for a stupid essay about something where people do not randomly fall down holes.  KLSDJgoidkfjsoiagfjisaldjfkw

Yup.  Done now. 


I'm kind of considering moving to a different DeviantArt account but I'm not totally sure... mainly I just want it to be more professional.

You know?


Guess what? 

Carnegie Mellon is actually interested in me, a sophmore!  Yay!  At least for where soccer is concerned and they want to see me play this weekend at the Houston Showcase.  It's exciting because the Clarmont colleges aren't looking for 2013 grads yet... so yeah.
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The Months are Confused.

The months are most definitely confused.  It is the only way to explain the weird weather in May.  Since it is raining.  You know April showers bring May flowers? Yeah.. well that's Colorado.

And yes I posted this instead of doing my homework.
Richard thinking


So I kinda accidentaly deleted my last entry.

He he.

So, basically am almost done with Homework.  It's easter.  Had breakfast.  We have yet to go egg hunting.  Yeah.
Richard thinking


Okay, so this made my day.

I had this puzzle book that I had barely use and found and here is the one I worked on.

It was fun. And I new the words... and I had fun. :P

So the rules are:

Without changing the order of the letters, place the 4-letter words on the dashes to form 8-letter words.  Each 4-letter word will be used once.

AKIN                                    ISLE                             MODE                               RAIN
DOOR                                 LEAN                             PAGE                               SLOT
HEAT                                  MICE                            PONE                                STAY

1. L E _ _ N A _ _
2. _ A N I _ _ R _
3. R E _ _ V _ _ T
4. _ _ S _ H I _ F
5. _ I S C _ L _ _
6. _ R _ V I _ C _
7.  C _ E _ T _ O _
8. _ _ S I T _ _ E
9. _ A I _ B _ A _
10. L _ _ T _ _ SS     <--- This one made me exceptionally happy!
11. _ L _ Y _ O _ R
12.  B _ C _ S P _ _

Have fun!  XD


Selkath, would you like to come with my family to see AVATAR? My mom is not sure when, around like 3:45... ish.

We can pick you up and take you, and you can hang afterwards if you would like to. UP to you though...

I'll try calling...